Overcome the Peripheral Blur: The Road to NADA

Charlie Walker

Director of Marketing
Feb 02, 2018
Overcome the Peripheral Blur the Road to NADA

Last Week

We looked at how a relationship could be doomed to flop long before the project itself starts and how you can vet these potential partners before you begin any project. We also discussed three key questions to ask in auditing any auto partnership. To take a look at last weeks post click here.


The morning commute, yes that familiar frenzy of tail lights and turns, dragging down your drive with buildings to the left and right just passing you buy in a “Peripheral Blur” until you reach work. The familiar views you see every day without ever looking at them can just fade into the background of your perception.

Last week driving home I realized one of the houses along the highway had been painted a bright blue and red. It was a stark contrast to the white and grey of their neighborhood strip. It was different, caught me off guard and was entirely unexpected; oddly enough I had never even realized the neighborhood existed. 

To capture more foot traffic we need to occupy a more conscious space in the customers mind and awareness. It's not just about a physical remodel it's about a remodel of the mental positioning we hold with our clients, something we intentionally or unintentionally reinforce through every glance and interaction.

Through simple applications of new ideas, products, facility functions we can step up our peripheral game and make sure that when clients think of the facility, its inherently positive. As we discussed in the previous weeks features like 4 wheel drive or a sleek body style draw your customers to a vehicle; you should approach your dealership presentation in a similar way to set yourself apart from local competitors. We've pulled in some examples that increase in level of involvement as you read on below.

Hat in Hand

While the inherent benefit of charity is obvious though the impact to your community, it can also go a long way in creating a relationship with the community. Run a food drive, or help with a high school fundraiser and Local news sources are likely to have a willingness to promote your dealership through the event.

Volunteers will be forced to show up to see your facility and showroom and will associate the dealership with the positive act. Naturally if your holding an event like this make sure you take the extra care to clean your facility, and offer service incentives so that volunteers can get their car taken care of while they work for a reduced rate, win - win.

Give me a sign!

Looking at what you can do to change up the scenery can be as simple as putting up some new signage. While a brand new OEM approved entry sign is ideal there are some more economical options. In trying to capture awareness the old color banner yelling sale might just not do it. Try something that will surprise people, blow up a picture of your owners head yelling deals of a sale or a Christmas in July where you bring in a huge decorated evergreen! Granted these examples are somewhat corny but your roadside presence doesn't have to be the same old boring song and dance, find something unexpected that draws in your community and captures their attention.

Light it up!

Our president spoke about this in detail in a previous post here but here are some of the key points. Updating the way your facility is lit, quite literally puts you in a better light. Outside of the benefits of lower utility cost, and better security; your facility is better presented and your customers can really see the difference in car features, colors and body type. With an updated system the electrical usage savings alone end up paying for this feature.

Mix it all up:

Obviously the path we would recommend is updating your facility, but why even consider a

 design remodel or new facility? While the initial cost of investment might be enough to make you shudder however, when you weigh it against the potential benefits the numbers speak for themselves. Looking at averages, when a dealer undergoes a remodel, throughout the construction process there is a 10%-15% increase in sales with a 11%-14% increase in service appointments. The reason? People are nosy, when they see the commotion of construction they are interested in what you are doing and the facility is no longer just another peripheral blur on their morning commute.

Awareness branding can be a tricky subject as there are plenty of ways work to change the ways your customers look at your brand however using this as a starting point your facility can always be viewed in a positive light.

After we've carved out our real estate in the consumers mind, how do we push our facility and find the newest technology for your dealership to run better amid conference season? We will explore these concepts and more next week on the road to NADA

Buckle Up.

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