Welcome to the Road: The Road to NADA

Charlie Walker

Director of Marketing
Jan 11, 2018
Welcome to the Road, The Road to NADA

In auditing any buying process,

salesmen need to look at how they approach an opportunity from the eyes of the consumer. In the car industry, customers can create a mindset of fear, anxiety and a feeling of being out of depth. While dealers and the industry as a whole have made strides in improving transparency and the way they relate to the individual, consumer expectation and discomfort have not subsided.

My name is Charlie and I am the new Marketing Director for Custom Facilities, a general contracting group working exclusively in the design, remodel, and building of auto dealerships.

Our everyday sales process is very similar to that of the dealer, we are asking individuals to trust us in aiding them through a process that is not only unfamiliar but expensive to the point of affecting their business and livelihood for years to come.  However just like dealerships, we handle this unfamiliar territory every day, navigating OEM requirements and construction logistics for dealers in the same way sales staff guide their customers to interior features and other necessities for their purchase. 

In the coming weeks we will relate the process of purchasing a new car, to the struggles dealers face when trying to run a large scale construction project. In this series, we will provide:

  • Industry tips

  • Specialized trade value 

  • Guidance from 45 years of operation with over 450 projects completed

Featuring insights from different members of our team from President to Project Managers your perception of project possibilities will be changed for the better.

With the NADA convention on the horizon (National Auto Dealers Association) our focus has been mostly on that, hence the name “The Road to NADA”. Overall we hope that this series will be not only a guide to your dealer project success but a road map to a better way of thinking.

Join me every Friday morning 8am EST for the next 10 weeks to see how your next construction project can streamline your dealership initiatives and the bumps of daily operation feel as easy as buying your first car from your best sales staff!

In our first update from the road we will be discussing the emotional connection car buyers create before ever even deciding on a vehicle, and the power of harnessing this perspective to improve your dealership.

Buckle Up.

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